Home Remodeling 101: Where to Start

Dec 28, 2023 | blog

Are you staring at your once-beloved kitchen or bathroom, wondering how to renovate them? The faded tile, the avocado-green appliances, the less-than-sparkling fixtures… It’s like a time capsule from an era best forgotten. If you’re itching for a change but feel overwhelmed about where to start, we’re here to help!

This blog post will be your trusty home remodeling guide. We’ll break down the complexities and give you a clear roadmap on where to start your home makeover. From assessing your needs to setting a budget, we got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Step-by-Step Guide to Kick Start Your Home Renovation

Kickstarting your home remodeling project might seem like a mammoth task, but every masterpiece begins with a single brushstroke. Here’s your home remodeling guide to transform your space from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’:

1) Assessing Your Needs

Begin by playing detective in your own home. Look around and identify the areas that warrant a makeover. Is your kitchen too cramped for your culinary adventures? Or maybe the bathroom tiles are relics from a past decade? Understanding what you need is the first step in this home improvement journey.

2) Setting a Budget

Now, let’s talk about money. Determine how much you’re ready to invest in this transformation. Remember to account for everything – materials, labor, and those sneaky unexpected expenses that tend to pop up. A well-planned budget is like a compass guiding you through the financial landscape of home renovation.

3) Researching Styles and Trends

Time to channel your inner designer! Dive into the world of home decor trends and styles. Scour the internet, flip through magazines, or stroll through showrooms. Gather a collage of images that sing to your aesthetic senses. This will help you paint a clearer picture of your dream home.

4) Finding the Right Professionals

The success of your remodel hinges on the team you choose. Think of it as casting for your home improvement blockbuster. Research, interview, and choose contractors, designers, and architects who understand your vision and can bring it to life.

5) Creating a Timeline

Lastly, map out your journey. Develop a timeline, considering factors like permit acquisition, ordering materials, and the availability of your chosen professionals. It’s like choreographing a dance where each step smoothly leads to the next.

sketch of home remodeling and renovation coming to life

Revamp Your Space with Apex Southern Homes

We bet you cannot wait to remodel your home but also feel pressured about where to start. It can feel like you’re trying to assemble a puzzle with no reference image. At Apex Southern Homes, we understand your concerns. Breathing new life into your living spaces shouldn’t be stressful.

Don’t settle for a home that doesn’t meet your needs. As the go-to home improvement contractor in North Atlanta, GA, we can help you swiftly craft your desired residence. Ready to get started on your remodeling journey? Book a consultation with our team today!

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